Whether you are an entrepreneur with a dream, a brand wanting to enter the Amazon platform or an established seller on Amazon, the Harvest team will evaluate your account and get you setup for success.



We take great pride in caring for your brand like it was ours, and in order to do that we must do research on your specific market and identify your brand. We want to take the time to know the best strategy for your brand on the Amazon platform.



Your seller or Vendor central account needs to be carefully fine tuned to ensure that you're taking advantage of every edge you possibly can. As soon as we begin working for you, our Amazon mechanics will step in and optimize, monitor and manage every aspect of your Amazon account. To be honest, we can't wait to drive the herd.



Once your account and product pages are optimized you're ready to set a new speed record for your brand. Driven by our twin goals to increase traffic and improve conversions, our Amazon PPC experts will optimize your AMS or Sponsored Products ads and manage your ad spend to target the best possible results for your brand. WE believe that sales goals were made to be surpassed, and with every aspect of your account primed and ready to go, we can pilot you to exactly those kinds of results.



Safety and protection are primary to growing your brand. Along with sales opportunities presented by Amazon and it's massive base of motivated shoppers comes a measure of danger to the control and reputation of your brand. Unauthorized sellers and counterfeit products can do serious harm if left unchecked. That's why you work with us: we know the ways to keep you safe, allowing you to enjoy the sizable results of Amazon selling while mitigating your risk.